Financial Services

Most Effectively Tailor Service Offerings To The Needs Of Each Individual Account

Imagine having unique and proactive insight into a prospective client’s financial goals, concerns, risk tolerance and sensitivity to fees – and using this information to craft tailored solutions to maximize customer satisfaction, improve close and retention rates and enhance client profitability.

TrueChoice Predictive Selling™ technology makes this all possible.  TrueChoice interactive solutions enable an engaging, insightful two-way dialog with client prospects, one that offers relief from the overwhelming, ever-growing and often bewildering onslaught of financial and investment options and generic sales pitches.  With TrueChoice, client prospects gain confidence that offerings are part of a well conceived plan directly customized to their individual financial needs and concerns.


  • Encourage an open dialog that results in a deeper understanding of a prospect’s needs by disassembling their requirements and priorities, thereby increasing close rates
  • Recommend financial solutions of high perceived value because they are finely and explicitly mapped to a prospect’s financial concerns and objectives
  • Offer interactive educational tools to explain how the client’s services are differentiated and can best help the prospect achieve its goals

Our unique, interactive, customized Web-based applications make this possible.  They connect with customers, one-on-one, in a user-friendly, engaging two-way dialog.  They uncover insight about individual customer financial preferences and the tradeoffs they make when weighing various financial needs and objectives.

Powered by over 460 patented algorithms, TrueChoice insights are generated through a powerful “real time” business intelligence, predictive modeling and analytics platform.  The platform allows data analysis in aggregate, within customized, pre-defined segments or at an individual customer level.

Our insights can be combined with your CRM system, business intelligence platforms or any other point of integration.  Once more, our application is offered as a “software as a service” so there is no hardware to buy or software to maintain.

TrueChoice applications are facilitated through any Web-enabled PC, tablet, smartphone or kiosk or with the guidance of an advisor.

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