The Global Leader in
Real Time Preference Analytics

Drive incremental sales, generate better leads, provide deep customer insight, guide customers to personalized purchase recommendations, and optimize employee & channel partner relationships.

Powered By Over 460 Patented Algorithms, TrueChoice Applications Feature An Analytics Platform That Delivers Deep, Quantifiable, Actionable Insight For Better Decision-Making.

Headquartered in New York, TrueChoice Solutions is the leader in real-time preference measurement. Used by many forward-thinking FORTUNE Global 1000 clients, the TrueChoice™ Predictive Selling Suite is based on patented econometric technologies that for the first time allow companies to precisely quantify the preference structures of individual customers and employees in real time. TrueChoice significantly improves the customer experience, boosts sales lead generation, and measurably increases the profitability of every transaction.



TrueChoice predictive selling is customer insight taken to new heights to optimize account revenue potential and stimulate future demand.

— Senior Partner, TrueChoice Business Partner Company

Because TrueChoice is highly scalable, clients will realize significant ROI by optimizing their existing accounts as well as by using the model for new lead generation. It also allows clients to develop insights that go beyond anything transactional.

— Practice Group Lead, TrueChoice Business Partner Company

Latest News

TrueChoice’s Sev Keil gives keynote speech at Royal Navy’s 2019 People Research Conference
September 3, 2019

On September 3, 2019. Sev Keil, Chairman and CEO of TrueChoice will give a keynote speech at the Royal Navy’s 2019 Naval People Strategy (NPS) People Research Conference in Portsmouth, UK.

TrueChoice releases HR Optimization brochure
March 31, 2018

TrueChoice released a new brochure detailing its Predictive HR software as a service offering.

Italian multinational Eni launches TrueChoice Predictive Selling™ application
July 15, 2017

Eni, a Global Fortune 500 oil and gas company, launches personalized Predictive Selling™ application on its website, powered by TrueChoice technology.