TrueChoice powers U.S. military compensation study

July 12, 2012

On Thursday July 12th, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, an independent, non-profit, Washington, D.C.-based think tank specializing in US defense policy, released a ground-breaking study representing a new approach for optimizing the military compensation system. CSBA chose cutting-edge preference technology developed by TrueChoice Solutions to gather and analyze data.

More than 2,600 military personnel, retirees, and dependents participated in a study designed to quantitatively understand how service members value different forms of compensation.

With TrueChoice, CSBA was able to demonstrate that, rather than focusing exclusively on reducing costs, there are options for getting better value from the compensation system by shifting funds from undervalued to more highly valued forms of compensation.

The study presents a comprehensive approach for rebalancing the military compensation system based on the preferences of those who serve.

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